Dutch door

Dutch Door Press is run by Mara Murphy and Anna Branning who create all their gorgeous items by hand in their San Francisco studio. I love the bright colours and vintage, often Scandinavian, style.

Year of the rabbit print

     Bird tea towel

Perfect patterns

At the moment I can't get enough colour and pattern! Here are a few of my favourites...

African fabric from House of A plus

   Cushion cover by Thirty-five Flowers

Silk scarf by Leah Goren


Ceramics love...

Wow, I just discovered the wonderful ceramicist Shelley Martin and her Oregon based company, Vitrified Studio. I am blown away...

Larry Welo

I love these etchings by Larry Welo, so detailed and such beautiful tones and colours...

A gathering in the clearing          


Find out more about Larry and his work by visiting his website or online shop.


Ian Breakwell

I recently managed to catch Ian Breakwell's short film 'The Other Side' at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery.

Inspired by the regular tea dances that took place on the terraces of Bexhill-on-Sea’s De La Warr Pavilion (below), it was shot in 2002 on the upper balcony overlooking the sea.

As the sun slowly sets the camera pans the couples, who dance to Schubert's Notturno D897 in E Minor.
Then, all of a sudden,the dancers are gone and only the music and the view remain. We are left pondering the curiously fleeting passage of the dance and of our dance. It is beautiful, poignant, melancholic and enchanting, totally drawing you away from the everyday world into stillness and quiet contemplation. 

The exhibition runs until January 2nd.  


Yellow Owl Workshop

I spent today making printing blocks by mounting lino shapes onto wooden blocks. A few weeks back when I decided that I wanted to try out block printing I bought this brilliant book by Yellow Owl Workshop's Christine Schmidt:

It 's a really clear and fun introduction to all kinds of printmaking and just what I needed as a beginner. I'll put up some pics of my designs once I get started but for now take a look at these from Yellow Owl Workshop...


The moments we keep to ourselves...

...this is the essence of  Kai Samuels-Davis' incredibly visceral paintings. I love the muted colours, emotion and the way in which his work makes me want to pause and just take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Find out more about Kai and his work here or visit his online store here.

Shop re-vamp

I took some time over the weekend to give my Etsy shop a bit of an update. Here it is!


Melanie Mikecz

It's really foggy here today so I thought I'd create a little brightness by sharing these fabulous prints by San Francisco based Illustrator Melanie Mikecz. They're so alive and zingy; perfect for adding a burst of summery energy to an autumn day!

You can find more of Melanie's gorgeous prints in her online shop, twoems.


A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

Taryn Simon explores genealogy and all its twists and turns in a series of photographic portraits that follow the course of eighteen family trees. Each family has an exceptional story to tell, such as the 'living man declared dead' from whom the series takes its title. Simon's use of stark, minimalist portrait photography accompanied by text is arrestingly captivating, drawing you to every individual and their role in the narrative of their lineage. Brilliant.


Little studio

Hello, how cute are these prints and pillowcases from Little Studio? I just found them on Danielle de Lange's brilliant blog The Style Files (she has THE best taste!) and couldn't resist adding some pics here! Enjoy...


Feeling blue

I just found these beautiful cups/pots on Loo Jia Wen's blog, Inkypots... I love the rough rich texture and mixture of earthy colours with blue, perfect.

Timor Cohen

I absolutely love these 'soft sculptures' by Timor Cohen of Timo Handmade. Each one is hand-crafted from canvas and brilliantly quirky, super colourful fabric. I think their facial expressions are just fantastic!

Family (2)

There are loads of other fabulous creations to be found on Timor's website and in her Etsy shop!


Modernist makeover

How cute are these pictures from the Guardian's home section?

It wasn't always quite so stunning though - have a peek at the 'Before' pictures as well as more sumptuous 'After' pictures here.
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